Blogging strategy for an HR department

The Human Resources department have a tough job in financial companies in Australia right now. Their employers are operating in a fiercely competitive market: with rising cost of funds, shareholders looking for consistent returns on the capital invested, and increasing competition coming from outside the Australian financial system. Like HR departments in many large companies they work in an environment where they need to work with many different stakeholders within the company who are distant through geography or organisational structure. They need to continue to deliver against their responsiblities while decreasing their cost of operation, these may include:

  • Employment and recruitment
  • Training and development
  • Employee services
  • Employee and community relations

There are benefits to a strong blogging (or micro-blogging) strategy that are aligned to the goals of the HR department: the blogging strategy may involve enhancing corporate culture and collaboration, connectign with leaders, reducing emotional distance between employees, building relationships and much more.

Across our four blogs, our team is looking at strategies for:

These strategies are designed to engage with HR’s diverse stakeholders: helping lower costs to satisfy company shareholders, improve engagement across the population of employees, meet the resourcing needs of hiring managers, improve the experience of potential employees and newly hired starters.

When you think about it, HR departments have the most to gain from a well-crafted strategy for adopting enterprise 2.0 practices and tools: blogging and micro-blogging should be an integral part of this strategy. And yet, so many organisations miss the benefits available from blogging for what can be quite a small investment … has your HR department got their blinkers on, or are they driving innovation and excellence through a brilliant blogging strategy?

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5 thoughts on “Blogging strategy for an HR department

  1. Personally I think that, HR department should mainly take care of the organization internally. There should be less benefit in external blogging and microblogging. What are the target audiences? Are they perhaps future employees?


    Prapat W.

    • Good question! Yes, I’m thinking about how the HR department builds up the company’s brand as an employee. If the labour market is tight for a skillset, is external blogging a way of tapping into a pool of potential candidates with those skills? Also, if the HR department is engaged in something like graduate recruitment, is external blogging a way of engaging with the community of uni students interested in knowing more about the graduate program.

  2. Hi Amanda , perhaps as compared to among all other departments , HR should be the lead in adopting the new Enterprise 2.0 practices as this department is the primary source of recruiting human resources and talent retaining . Therefore , to keep up to the latest trend , HR could take the lead by disseminating relevant information thru this channel creating a perception to the external community that this organization is not left in the lurch .

    • I like your thinking 🙂 HR departments are in the unique position of being able to implement corporate culture through their responsiblities such as implementing leadership strategy and induction practices. If they take the lead in using enterprise 2.0 then it’s a very effective adoption strategy. I wonder if there’s the risk they’ll be in conflict with the IT department who may traditionally own IT application rollouts? Do you think this is a real risk?

  3. Great post again Amanda, nice and succinct is just the type of blog i like to read. I like your points on micro-blogging and reducing the emotional distance between employees as well as building relationships. These are two factors that i believe can really help a HR department bring an organisation together, we cant forget that they are indeed in charge of HR within the company not just external to it.

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